Nerves & Excitement

In two days’ time, I will be on a plane to Detroit. And then, after a 50 minute, Amazing Race-style panicked layover, I will be on a flight over the Atlantic until it pulls into London Heathrow Airport. And then I will be there until August.

It still has not processed for me yet — I will be in Europe for the better part of three months, and it’s a length of time that tends to blink out of existence, the way people can’t comprehend the difference between nine and ten zeroes in a number. I’ve been away from home and family for longer than three months before, and I’ve been to Europe twice in the last year. Yet three months abroad still feels like a lot.

There has been more planning for this trip, sure. I’ve had to book multiple flats and extended flights; I’ve had to arrange a new, better cell phone for Europe; I’ve had to shop for multiple climates in the rise of summer; I’ve had to try to bounce back into shape to prepare for 20k Fitbit certified steps everyday. Two days left, and there is still a lot left to go, between last minute shopping and packing and packing. Yet that isn’t what crawls into the back of my head right around now, what gnaws when I have the moment to stop and notice its presence.

It’s the thought that this is going to be my longest, biggest, most vivid, most valuable adventure.

I’m going to get to live in my favorite city, properly this time, nestled into North London and working on my projects. I’m going to get to see Europe. This time next week, I will be in Paris, a city I’ve always wanted to explore, and later in the summer I’m going to see Edinburgh. I’m lucky enough to live what I have dreamed of since I was a preteen staring at pictures of cultures I could not fathom — and I’m going to spend my summer enveloped by it.

I’m going to try to update this blog everyday. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at proper blogging and travel writing, and this seems like a good bet. I can’t make promises, as I’m going to be savoring every moment, living in the way that you can only live when you are in love with the world around you. But I will do my best to keep updated and keep sharing my adventure.

Because, oh, what an adventure this will be.