My travel details:

May 21 – May 22 — London

I’m flying into Heathrow on May 22, stopping by for the night to see my best friend and my favorite restaurant, and heading off on Eurostar in the morning.

May 23 – June 2 — Paris

In Paris, I will be staying in Le Marais — historically an aristocratic neighborhood on the Rive Gauche but now an area of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. My flat is in the 3rd arrondissement and is within walking distance of Le Louvre, le Pantheon, et Notre Dame, which I will see as soon and as often as possible.

June 3 – August 10 — London

In London, I will be staying with some amazing friends in North London. It’s the same place I stayed last summer, and I love it just as much. Finsbury Park is a lovely area, safe and comfortable but out of the sights of tourists, with great connections to London through its station but still in the midst of true Londoners.

My travel plans will change as I spend more time with Airbnb and Ryanair. I’m thinking of Edinburgh and either Prague or Amsterdam!